A guide to collecting affordable ANTIQUE FURNITURE

My new book,  A Guide to Collecting Affordable Antique Furniture, was published in March 2013. It dips into the history of furniture, spotlights elegant and interesting pieces, and advises on how and where to buy, and the art of re-purposing and reinventing antiques. Case studies of genuine collectors give it a friendly face, and a section on historic houses and museums to visit will, I hope, inspire readers to take some weekend jaunts to see lovely things (£19.95, Vivays Publishing).


Published in 2010, this is the accompanying book to Cracking Antiques, the popular BBC2 series on learning to love, choose and use antiques and vintage in the home, presented by experts Mark Hill and Kathryn Rayward. I was Consultant Editor on the interiors section of the book (£18.99, Mitchell Beazley).


I wrote Juicing for Health in 1993, just before the juicing craze hit Britain from America and Australia. This comprehensive guide to homemade fruit and vegetable juices and their health properties was reissued and updated in 2001 and has sold over half a million copies to date (£8.99, Thorsons). The Juicing Detox Diet is an accompanying edition: three vitality and wellbeing cleansing plans centred around juices and natural wholefoods (£3.99, Thorsons).

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